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I’d be nothing without you.

8 jul

Nao vou fazer nenhum texto nao… So vou colocar pedacos de letras de musicas que me lembram ele :)

“My life would suck without you”, “O seu dia mais feliz vai ser o mesmo que o meu”, “Podem me tirar tudo o que tenho, so nao podem me tirar as coisas boas que eu ja fiz pra quem eu amo”, “I cant get you out of my mind”, “I’ll do whatever it takes just to see you”, “Stay with me by my side ‘till the morning, trough the night”, “I miss you when you close your eyes”, “Bom recomecar, poder contar com voce”, “Eles dizem que eh impossivel encontrar o amor sem perder a razao; Mas pra quem tem pensamento forte o impossivel eh so questao de opiniao, e disso os loucos sabem.”, “Hoje estou feliz porque sonhei com voce”, “O seu sorriso vale mais que um diamante”, “Ja te via muito antes dos meus sonhos… Procurei a vida inteira alguem como voce.”, “I love you… And I just wanted to say those three words to you today.”, “One thing I’ve left to do, discover me discovering you”, “So you see why I love you”, “I’m sure of what I feel, I’m sure why my heart is beating”, “And all I do is think of you”, “But we are both just waiting…”, “Fridays I see your face, then I can breath”, e muitas outras. I love you baby <3 – sim, acho que vou comecar a escrever pouco –

With so much love, Sarah.

Could it be love?

12 jun

” … All the world is pushing me; Is like if nobody wanted me to be with you. But when I’m away of you, I continue living with a hope that I’ll see you, and when I talk to you I start smiling. I don’t wanna waste my time with other one; What I wish is to make you happy. We start understanding better the world when we find love, and with you “by my side”, I’m living in a better world. So what is it? Could it be love or just one other way of feeling weird and good things inside this black heart? Is so hard for you like is for me. But I’ll do everything for you, to you, with you. Is so easy to notice that my love is yours. But I’m still trying to see if your love is mine.

But I do love you, forever and ever <3 .. “

Se quiser traducao, se precisar mesmo, comenta pedindo que eu faco ok? :) Preguicinha agora.
Boa tarde cutiiies.                                                   //Sarah

Don’t waste your time.

12 jun

Could you stay for a while and listen to me? I was listening to your till now, and your stories are still in my head with all of those names of girls. I don’n know them. Don’t want to know about them! Is your past, not  mine; Could you please be concentrated in your future? You can call OUR future, but it’s really just yours. I don’t wanna be part of this mess. You’re completely strange. Even if you want change, I don’t want you to change! Please, look around, you can get someone better than me, we both know it. I know you won’t miss me… You’ll just miss my songs when you’re going sleep, my voice when you’re waking up, my lips when you kiss other one, my skin when you touch someone, my heart beating if you feel another one… But ME? No… I’m sure you won’t miss me. You have so many girls around you, and when you’re with them forget about me. I’m really so sorry, OOPS, I’m not! YOU have done this, not me. This is just your fault this time, cuz I really tried to be the best this time. I was making you happy, but could you notice me around you?? I don’t think so… I’m not sorry, now I’m sick of you, of your words, of your fake feelings… I’m sick of you! So, don’t waste your time anymore, just go away…
– 1 month later… –
Hello, dear stranger, how you doing without me?

I left, so try to forget me this time. I’ll watch.

Good night, sweeties.