My little sunshine.

6 out

The best smile ♥

“You’re the only one I’m dreaming of.” – And so are you.

Nobody can change it; This feeling, this wish, those days, all smiles, all laughs, all stories, all songs, all moments, all hours, days and weeks, all of our everything. The way we like each other is simple as the rain, it happens and nothing can stop it. The smell… That smell that you got drugged, is my smell. The smell that remember me and my letter… That remember our happiness.

It’s like if I was a lonely girl, walking around this really big world, with my stupid heart in hands; Looking to that little heart broken, without a hope to back beating one day. I was afraid of everything, of everyone, of all feelings… I was afraid of getting my heart broken again. But you started coming to my life, like if just you didn’t make me feel afraid; I was alive when next to you. When we started talking everyday, I could smile during the whole day and waiting for “tomorrow” to talk to to again, on and on and on… I wished that big smile every single morning, wishing you to come talk to me and make me feel better. I was waiting for you somehow, even when I didn’t know you exist. You were made for me and I for you. We started liking each other, and every friday night, even when getting too late, I was there waiting for you to share our little love that was growing.

You were the only one that could make me feel safe, so how would I fell in love with other one? I couldn’t and I never wanted to. You made my heart beats again, you were the one who gave me hope, love, safe, happiness… You’re the BEST thing that I could EVER have, I will never ever let you go. I have a reason to be here, and I came to say that I’m the luckiest girl in this world; Cuz I have him, he has me, and we have love.

We are two in one and our smile is the same. I just love you, boy.
With so much love, Sarah.


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