Don’t waste your time.

12 jun

Could you stay for a while and listen to me? I was listening to your till now, and your stories are still in my head with all of those names of girls. I don’n know them. Don’t want to know about them! Is your past, not  mine; Could you please be concentrated in your future? You can call OUR future, but it’s really just yours. I don’t wanna be part of this mess. You’re completely strange. Even if you want change, I don’t want you to change! Please, look around, you can get someone better than me, we both know it. I know you won’t miss me… You’ll just miss my songs when you’re going sleep, my voice when you’re waking up, my lips when you kiss other one, my skin when you touch someone, my heart beating if you feel another one… But ME? No… I’m sure you won’t miss me. You have so many girls around you, and when you’re with them forget about me. I’m really so sorry, OOPS, I’m not! YOU have done this, not me. This is just your fault this time, cuz I really tried to be the best this time. I was making you happy, but could you notice me around you?? I don’t think so… I’m not sorry, now I’m sick of you, of your words, of your fake feelings… I’m sick of you! So, don’t waste your time anymore, just go away…
– 1 month later… –
Hello, dear stranger, how you doing without me?

I left, so try to forget me this time. I’ll watch.

Good night, sweeties.



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