Could it be love?

12 jun

” … All the world is pushing me; Is like if nobody wanted me to be with you. But when I’m away of you, I continue living with a hope that I’ll see you, and when I talk to you I start smiling. I don’t wanna waste my time with other one; What I wish is to make you happy. We start understanding better the world when we find love, and with you “by my side”, I’m living in a better world. So what is it? Could it be love or just one other way of feeling weird and good things inside this black heart? Is so hard for you like is for me. But I’ll do everything for you, to you, with you. Is so easy to notice that my love is yours. But I’m still trying to see if your love is mine.

But I do love you, forever and ever <3 .. “

Se quiser traducao, se precisar mesmo, comenta pedindo que eu faco ok? :) Preguicinha agora.
Boa tarde cutiiies.                                                   //Sarah


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